Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams


What is a Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team?

Throughout the 1990s, Medicaid began using managed care in the delivery of mental health services. When managed care came to southwestern PA, community stakeholders joined together to ensure that consumer and family satisfaction would be incorporated as a key evaluation component of managed care. As a result, the PA Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services requires, through HealthChoices, that every managed care county in Pennsylvania establish and support a consumer and satisfaction process.

Consumer and Family Satisfaction Teams provide individuals, families, behavioral health providers, counties and Medicaid managed-care organizations the opportunity to evaluate the quality of existing individual behavioral health services and to dialogue about potential improvements. These changes lead to a better system of mental health and addiction services focused on personal recovery. The teams play an important role in recommending specific quality improvements based on detailed collection, documentation and analysis of consumer feedback.

The advantages of Consumer and Family Satisfaction Teams are:

  • Independence from provider organizations
  • Interviewers conduct face-to-face and phone interviews
  • Consumers provide more detailed responses because of the semi-structured format of interviews
  • Provider organizations can demonstrate their commitment to quality improvement by using the reports

Members of the Consumer and Family Satisfaction Teams are family members and present or former recipients of behavioral health services and/or drug and alcohol services. This allows the interviewers to establish immediate rapport with current service recipients who have an interest in giving feedback to their service providers about access and quality of services received.

Consumer Action Response Team (CART) of Allegheny County
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Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team of Armstrong & Indiana Counties
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