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It is the policy of NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania to provide a timely and fair problem-solving process for program participants and/or members who have a complaint, disagreement, or grievance. Participants and/or members should always try to resolve any issues at the point of contact where the problem or complaint occurred before beginning the formal grievance process. An individual may choose another person to assist them and/or support them in the problem-solving process. This other person can participate in the face-to-face meetings and may provide assistance to or write the complaint in Step 3. The steps in the grievance process are as follows:

Step 1 – Verbal Complaint:
Discuss the issue with the program coordinator, manager or director as soon as possible.

Step 2 – Written Complaint:
If the complaint is not resolved at Step 1, or the individual is not satisfied with the outcome, the individual should address the issue in writing with the Associate Director. The Associate Director will meet with the individual to share the complaint and try to resolve the issue. The Associate Director will conduct a fact-finding and gather any related information. The Associate Director will respond in writing to the individual within seven (7) working days of the face-to-face meeting. If the individual is not satisfied with the Associate Director’s written response, the individual can take the complaint to Step 3.

Step 3 – Written Complaint to the Executive Director:
The individual will present a written complaint to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will review the complaint and provide a written response within 5 days. The Executive Director will make every effort to resolve the complaint to the individual’s satisfaction, however; the decision of the Executive Director is final.

Individuals who remain dissatisfied may wish to and are free to seek services from another organization.

A copy of the Grievance Policy can be downloaded below. When an individual first mentions a complaint or raises an issue of dissatisfaction, all program staff are trained to provide the individual with a copy of the Grievance Policy.

In addition to our website, the Policy is posted in the conference room at the NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania office. A copy of the grievance policy will be provided as requested.

Grievance Policy

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