Let’s Change the World


“We have convinced most health care providers, insurers, and government officials that having stakeholders involved from the beginning of any new effort will produce a better final outcome. When they forget, NAMI mobilizes people to help them remember.”

Christine Michaels, CEO
NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania

Let’s Change the World
Can one person change the world?  We believe that making simple changes, such as the words you use, is a great place to start. Do you use hurtful language, even unconsciously, that stigmatizes others? We must act. We must make others aware that recovery is possible and that treatment works: legislators, policy-makers, agency directors, insurance executives, health care providers, even the general public. We must assure that efforts to research and treat mental illness receive adequate public funding, that insurance carriers offer necessary coverage, and that care providers and those responsible for their oversight understand the very real needs of those affected by mental illness.

Nothing About Us Without Us.
Individuals who are being treated for mental illness and their families need to have a seat at the table where decisions are made. “Nothing about us without us” are the watchwords of the successful advocate for the treatment of mental illness. It drives almost everything we do at NAMI.

At NAMI we help people to develop their own assertive, hopeful, positive voices that advocate the correct medical treatment for people affected by mental illness. We support grassroots efforts across southwestern Pennsylvania by teaching people how to share their own story in a compelling way, how to identify key decision makers, and when to tell their story for optimal effect. We make every member a better messenger of recovery in their own grassroots efforts to improve the quality of mental health care for themselves or their loved ones.

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