Understanding Advocacy


Advocacy. Understanding. Treatment. Recovery.

Advocacy on behalf of men, women and children affected by mental illness is one of the most important things we do at NAMI—the largest grassroots mental health organization in the nation. Mental illness is a medical condition, and we work hard to make the world understand that those who experience it are entitled to competent medical treatment as much as those with other physical problems. At the heart of our advocacy effort is the core understanding that recovery is possible. Treatment works!

We engage in a variety of strategies to assist people with medically treatable mental illness on their road to recovery.

  • Helping to reduce stigma and fight misconceptions and stereotypes about mental illness
  • Being messengers of recovery ourselves, and creating new messengers of recovery every day
  • Engaging local boards, advisory committees, insurance providers and health care facilities in a meaningful discussion about finding better pathways to recovery
  • Providing a strong voice to shape public policy at all levels of government
  • Securing better funding for important research
  • Protecting people’s access to treatment and services
  • Making sure that people with mental illness understand they are not alone in their fight for recovery

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