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Out of the Darkness

By Jeffrey T. Fitzwilliam I experienced social anxiety when I was only five years old. I couldn’t speak to anyone, especially girls, all of my elementary school years. In 1958 there was NO awareness or understanding of Mental Health so I …

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Life is a journey, not a destination…

By Gayl Augello: My life has been anything but dull, this is for sure! My diagnosis came while I was in high school. It came after a mental break after trying to be too strong, from traumas in my childhood, …

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Recovery is a Process

By Lizzy: My first break with reality came when I was 25. It was the summertime, and I was a high-school teacher who had my summer off. I was severely depressed and would stay in bed all day. I was …

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This Is Our Mom

By Libby Mascaro and Sam Kane: This brother and sister team created a beautiful video of their mom Mary Lou for the NAMIWalks. Their team, Mary Lou’s Krew, is our top fundraising team of 2015. Take two minutes and watch …

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My Second Chance

By Cloe: I was diagnosed with major depression at age 12, and then diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 14. I was prescribed a lot of medication, and high school wasn’t easy for me. My family had a hard time …

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A Lesson on Failure

By Ryann Tanap What is it about failure that makes life complicated? Is it the fear of failing? Is it letting others down? Is it feeling like you’re wasting time or talent? Is it feeling like you don’t have all …

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