Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

The more we speak openly about mental illness, the more it encourages others to find the courage to tell their own stories. Sharing your personal experience helps to build greater understanding, reduce stigma, and let others know they are not alone. It’s one of the first steps of grassroots advocacy! We invite you to Tell Your Story about living with a mental health condition with the NAMI community.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Each submission is reviewed by NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania, and submissions may not be posted.
  2. Submissions with inappropriate or offensive language, as well as information about specific medications, medical treatments, or treatment providers, may not be posted.
  3. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania reserves the right to make slight edits to each submission which may include adding or deleting information to ensure the post is in line with our criteria.
  4. Stories are limited to 800 words and may be edited for length.
  5. Your name will be posted on the Internet along with your story and may be shared on social media platforms and through Google searches. You may choose to use your first name only.
  6. Please do not include personal identifying information, such as your phone number or address. We only request your email address, which will not be shared with anyone outside of NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania.
  7. Submitting an image to accompany your story or a photo of yourself is optional. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania reserves the right not to post the image provided or to provide an image of its own. Image orientation should be landscape.

Submit Your Story

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